Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Busy Sunday...

My Sundays right now are mostly consumed with correcting student work and planning for my next week of class. Though while I work on my day job the many freelancers that we work with continue to send in their work.

For instance, Brett Neufeld just sent me the following pieces to go with Nikolai Samarine's Rod of Wonder book.

The first image is of a female dwarf who is a member of the Wondrous Society, a group dedicated to harnessing the power of the rod of wonder though experimentation. Kent Little, a long-time player in our group who played a gnome character that wielded the rod of wonder as his primary weapon. He wasn't always effective but it was entertaining.

The second image is one of the many rods of wonder. Due to the unpredictable nature of the magic item I do not believe it has a standard form. It may even modify itself with continued use.

My development cost on the rod of wonder book is going to be about $200.00 including art and writing. To break even as 50 sales will mean I'd need to price it at close to $6.15 at Rpgnow because of the royalty rate. I will probably price it at $4.99 and hope that it either does well, or art sales will help bridge the gap. Of course, I won't make up any of that money until I get the product on sale.

On the stock art subscription the Lizardman Commander has been added to Brett Neufeld's art subscription and the magma lord is now available for individual purchase.
In Jacob Blackmon's art subscription we have added a unicorn and scylla is now available for individual purchase.

While it hasn't been a good day for doing anything resembling layout I was able to update a number of accounting records and that has let me assess a number of new break-evens on products. Some of these are cascade events due to the sales of some print books in distribution but they are break-evens nonetheless.

 That looks like that is about all I am going to get to tonight. Take care everyone.

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