Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Halloween is Coming...

With Halloween fast approaching, Rpgnow is having a Halloween Horror sale. We have three things included in this sale (clearly I don't tag enough things with the horror tag), they are:

Hey look, Endzeitgeist reviewed 4Saken today. That is awesome. I wasn't sure when the review would come along or even if Endz would like the book. It is a new system based off FASERIP and 4C, so you never know how people who mostly play d20 will respond. Congratulations goes to Don Walsh, August Hahn, and Perry Fehr for helping make this book a reality for me.

Perry sent over the rods of wonder book from editing. So I suspect that will mean he will be turning his attention to CE 8 - Goblins of the Faerie Wood now.

Overall, it has been a quiet month of sales. That might be partially due to the lack of releases lately plus those people waiting for a number of things to come into availability in print. I better get moving on my PDF backlog.

It looks like on Clerics of Porphyra, I need to write a sample character, add art, and finish up the fine details. It should be available this weekend for sale.

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