Monday, October 24, 2016

It's Got To Be Monday...

So we are on Monday. It is weird that this stupid day comes around as much as it does. Oh well, nothing we can really do about it.

Things That Are Happening
  • I am working on final edits of Clerics of Porphyra by Aaron Hollingsworth. Then I need to pick art for the project. I'm thinking Matt Morrow's Heirarch Cleric may make it onto the cover (see right).
  • I have tentatively reached out to a new artist by the name of Joel Hustak who was profiled in the Leaderpost today.
  • Perry sent over his work on Encounter Pages IV which may be named Porphyran Encounters instead (I'm still mulling it over). 
  • Perry is also working on edits Rods of Wonder or at least he was... until...
  • Daniel J. Bishop just sent me an email for CE 8 - Goblins of the Faerie Woods which can serve as a new Campaign Element for DCC and a potential link to Faerie Tales from Unlit Shores. I have sent this off to Perry to edit and ordered some art from Brett Neufeld.

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