Saturday, October 22, 2016

News from Purple Duck Games

I never really know if I should be writing a blog to discuss what Purple Duck Games is working on or not. Now, from a business perspective I know that it is very important for me to write about the games we are working on and what we have been doing. But I still don't know if there is a huge demand or even small demand for this kind of information.

Fantasy Art Subscriptions
Last month, I launched two subscription of fantasy art work. One by Brett Neufeld and one by Jacob Blackmon. The idea is that each week one new piece of stock art is added to the subscription. At the subscription rate of $75 for 50 images this is a savings of $125 over the arts individual price (62.5% savings). So far there are only 3 sales for Jacob's subscription and 1 sale for Brett's subscription. So right now the experiment feels like a bit of a failure. Of course time will tell whether or not the experiment is a success and most stock art eventually, eventually breaks even but this project has tied up a number of resources that would normally be free for other projects.The next images in this series are a lizardman commander (from Brett) and a unicorn (from Jacob).

Brett's pieces in the subscription are typically available as line art, grey scale, and colour versions, while Jacob's art is available as line art and colour formats.

Beyond art things has been a little slow at Purple Duck Games the last two months. I am back to work at my K-12 school job and back on contract as well at our local Polytechnic so the number of hours I get to work on Purple Duck in the week has been scaled back dramatically until I can manage to establish a new working rhythm.

Our newest releases game releases have been:
* I got to run this adventure in a 3-4 hour time slot at the Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous earlier in the month. The heroes were successful but we almost ended in a TPK.

I just received and paid for my first project from Nikolai Samarine. He sent me an inquiry, pitched some ideas, wrote his book, and got paid for it. It usually isn't much harder than that.

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