Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Weekend

We play Pathfinder on Saturdays at the Purple Duck cave. Recently, I shed the mantle of DM to try to win back a little time to work on other projects, and Kent Little has taken up the mantle. We have just started the Strange Aeons campaign. I am running a shaman of life and a mesmerist in this game.

New Releases!
Carl Cramer's prestige archetype series has been quite popular for us. It does pretty well in both print and PDF, so we commissioned a third series, called Caster Prestige Archetypes. The first classes will begin to release next month, but you can subscribe to this work-in-progress now.

I lost a couple of hours of layout on Saturday night when I realized that I had been doing edits on the pre-edited document and not the final edited version of the document. I need to be more mindful of what I am doing during these busy times, or I will not be able to use my time efficiently. I hope to re-engage with this layout on Sunday.

My Sundays always begin with correcting and planning for my two teaching jobs. After that work is done then, I can again return to my work for Purple Duck Games. Usually, there is very little time for this. I am probably a bit over-extended right now on the jobs that I am currently engaging in and the additional time cost is the increased length of my commute to and from each of these jobs.

Okay, so the final art has not come in for Clerics of Porphyra yet but I did manage to finish initial layout on CE 8 - Goblins of the Faerie Woods by Daniel J. Bishop. This DCC campaign element has now been sent off Joseph Goodman for approval.

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