Saturday, October 29, 2016

With Friday Arrives More Content... and Bills...

In this morning, the edits for CE 8 - Goblins of the Faerie Woods (DCC), art for CE 8 - Goblins of the Faerie Woods (DCC), a and new draft set of Prestige Archetypes from Carl Cramer (this set focusing on the arcane classes). A subscription to the series will likely be starting this weekend. I think it has 14-15 PRCs in it so the subscription.

This is what has happened before I have left for work.
Back from work there is layout to do and there are bills to play. It has been a while since we last released a book. New book releases always cause a bump in the sales numbers. Since it has been almost a month and a half since the last substantial Purple Duck release the accounts are looking threatened.

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