Sunday, November 6, 2016

A New Sunday Means a New Round of Break-Evens

Monstrous Bloodlines for Sorcerers V
 busy weekend and as usually I did not complete what I wanted to complete. Still some work has been completed that I should share with you.

New Products This Week
This week we had several new releases included Clerics of Porphyra by Aaron Hollingsworth. This release contains 12 new cleric archetypes, a new hybrid class, a new domain (with two subdomains), and over a dozen feats. Daniel J. Bishop has written a new Campaign Element for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role-Playing Game. CE 8 - Goblins of the Faerie Woods is an adventure site for any characters or a funnel for 0th-level goblin characters. It also contains rules for two goblin character classes. I am hoping to start the print process on this one later in the week. On the stock art front, Brett Neufeld has released a male human bard and a lizardman commander, while Jacob Blackmon has released a unicorn and a penanggalan.

Coming Soon
I need to do the last finishing touches on Carl Cramer's Monstrous Bloodlines for Sorcerers V. This is a companion piece to his upcoming Caster Prestige Archetype books.

Two books broke even this week. One was David Nicholas Ross's Random Encounters Remastered: Porphyra and the other was Perry Fehr's Puppets of Porphyra. With these two tomes breaking even, two additional pieces of stock art will be moving over to the profit-sharing side.

On the Wiki
I have started to add content from Clerics of Porphyra by Aaron Hollingsworth to the Porphyra wiki. Monstrous Bloodlines for Sorcerers V will be the next in the queue to added if I don't receive any special requests.

While adding some of the content from Clerics of Porphyra to the Porphyra wiki, I discovered a mistake in the martyr archetype. You can find the errata and corrected information on the Porphyra page through the martyr archetype link.

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