Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Weekend

We play Pathfinder on Saturdays at the Purple Duck cave. Recently, I shed the mantle of DM to try to win back a little time to work on other projects, and Kent Little has taken up the mantle. We have just started the Strange Aeons campaign. I am running a shaman of life and a mesmerist in this game.

New Releases!
Carl Cramer's prestige archetype series has been quite popular for us. It does pretty well in both print and PDF, so we commissioned a third series, called Caster Prestige Archetypes. The first classes will begin to release next month, but you can subscribe to this work-in-progress now.

I lost a couple of hours of layout on Saturday night when I realized that I had been doing edits on the pre-edited document and not the final edited version of the document. I need to be more mindful of what I am doing during these busy times, or I will not be able to use my time efficiently. I hope to re-engage with this layout on Sunday.

My Sundays always begin with correcting and planning for my two teaching jobs. After that work is done then, I can again return to my work for Purple Duck Games. Usually, there is very little time for this. I am probably a bit over-extended right now on the jobs that I am currently engaging in and the additional time cost is the increased length of my commute to and from each of these jobs.

Okay, so the final art has not come in for Clerics of Porphyra yet but I did manage to finish initial layout on CE 8 - Goblins of the Faerie Woods by Daniel J. Bishop. This DCC campaign element has now been sent off Joseph Goodman for approval.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

With Friday Arrives More Content... and Bills...

In this morning, the edits for CE 8 - Goblins of the Faerie Woods (DCC), art for CE 8 - Goblins of the Faerie Woods (DCC), a and new draft set of Prestige Archetypes from Carl Cramer (this set focusing on the arcane classes). A subscription to the series will likely be starting this weekend. I think it has 14-15 PRCs in it so the subscription.

This is what has happened before I have left for work.
Back from work there is layout to do and there are bills to play. It has been a while since we last released a book. New book releases always cause a bump in the sales numbers. Since it has been almost a month and a half since the last substantial Purple Duck release the accounts are looking threatened.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hump Day...

You know when you are a small operation like Purple Duck Games that runs 7-days a week, 365 days a year "hump day" is really not a thing.

Today, I spoke with Nikolai about his cartomancer class. He sent me a first draft and I sent some feedback on the project. Perry sent me the edits on CE 8 - Goblins of the Faerie Woods (which I will get to this weekend). I started to do up the statistics for my iconic Pillar - Dunagal Pureblood, female hobgoblin pillar (Kamus) from the Hinterlands of Kesh.

In other news, I funded 10 kiva loans today. I have been helping to fund economic development since 2011. In that time, I've funded 371 loans with a total value of $9,600.00. Currently, I have $1,993.67 out on loans right now. Next month, some of the loaned money will be repaid to kiva and I'll redistribute it new loans plus add an additional loan next month.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Halloween is Coming...

With Halloween fast approaching, Rpgnow is having a Halloween Horror sale. We have three things included in this sale (clearly I don't tag enough things with the horror tag), they are:

Hey look, Endzeitgeist reviewed 4Saken today. That is awesome. I wasn't sure when the review would come along or even if Endz would like the book. It is a new system based off FASERIP and 4C, so you never know how people who mostly play d20 will respond. Congratulations goes to Don Walsh, August Hahn, and Perry Fehr for helping make this book a reality for me.

Perry sent over the rods of wonder book from editing. So I suspect that will mean he will be turning his attention to CE 8 - Goblins of the Faerie Wood now.

Overall, it has been a quiet month of sales. That might be partially due to the lack of releases lately plus those people waiting for a number of things to come into availability in print. I better get moving on my PDF backlog.

It looks like on Clerics of Porphyra, I need to write a sample character, add art, and finish up the fine details. It should be available this weekend for sale.

Monday, October 24, 2016

It's Got To Be Monday...

So we are on Monday. It is weird that this stupid day comes around as much as it does. Oh well, nothing we can really do about it.

Things That Are Happening
  • I am working on final edits of Clerics of Porphyra by Aaron Hollingsworth. Then I need to pick art for the project. I'm thinking Matt Morrow's Heirarch Cleric may make it onto the cover (see right).
  • I have tentatively reached out to a new artist by the name of Joel Hustak who was profiled in the Leaderpost today.
  • Perry sent over his work on Encounter Pages IV which may be named Porphyran Encounters instead (I'm still mulling it over). 
  • Perry is also working on edits Rods of Wonder or at least he was... until...
  • Daniel J. Bishop just sent me an email for CE 8 - Goblins of the Faerie Woods which can serve as a new Campaign Element for DCC and a potential link to Faerie Tales from Unlit Shores. I have sent this off to Perry to edit and ordered some art from Brett Neufeld.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Busy Sunday...

My Sundays right now are mostly consumed with correcting student work and planning for my next week of class. Though while I work on my day job the many freelancers that we work with continue to send in their work.

For instance, Brett Neufeld just sent me the following pieces to go with Nikolai Samarine's Rod of Wonder book.

The first image is of a female dwarf who is a member of the Wondrous Society, a group dedicated to harnessing the power of the rod of wonder though experimentation. Kent Little, a long-time player in our group who played a gnome character that wielded the rod of wonder as his primary weapon. He wasn't always effective but it was entertaining.

The second image is one of the many rods of wonder. Due to the unpredictable nature of the magic item I do not believe it has a standard form. It may even modify itself with continued use.

My development cost on the rod of wonder book is going to be about $200.00 including art and writing. To break even as 50 sales will mean I'd need to price it at close to $6.15 at Rpgnow because of the royalty rate. I will probably price it at $4.99 and hope that it either does well, or art sales will help bridge the gap. Of course, I won't make up any of that money until I get the product on sale.

On the stock art subscription the Lizardman Commander has been added to Brett Neufeld's art subscription and the magma lord is now available for individual purchase.
In Jacob Blackmon's art subscription we have added a unicorn and scylla is now available for individual purchase.

While it hasn't been a good day for doing anything resembling layout I was able to update a number of accounting records and that has let me assess a number of new break-evens on products. Some of these are cascade events due to the sales of some print books in distribution but they are break-evens nonetheless.

 That looks like that is about all I am going to get to tonight. Take care everyone.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

News from Purple Duck Games

I never really know if I should be writing a blog to discuss what Purple Duck Games is working on or not. Now, from a business perspective I know that it is very important for me to write about the games we are working on and what we have been doing. But I still don't know if there is a huge demand or even small demand for this kind of information.

Fantasy Art Subscriptions
Last month, I launched two subscription of fantasy art work. One by Brett Neufeld and one by Jacob Blackmon. The idea is that each week one new piece of stock art is added to the subscription. At the subscription rate of $75 for 50 images this is a savings of $125 over the arts individual price (62.5% savings). So far there are only 3 sales for Jacob's subscription and 1 sale for Brett's subscription. So right now the experiment feels like a bit of a failure. Of course time will tell whether or not the experiment is a success and most stock art eventually, eventually breaks even but this project has tied up a number of resources that would normally be free for other projects.The next images in this series are a lizardman commander (from Brett) and a unicorn (from Jacob).

Brett's pieces in the subscription are typically available as line art, grey scale, and colour versions, while Jacob's art is available as line art and colour formats.

Beyond art things has been a little slow at Purple Duck Games the last two months. I am back to work at my K-12 school job and back on contract as well at our local Polytechnic so the number of hours I get to work on Purple Duck in the week has been scaled back dramatically until I can manage to establish a new working rhythm.

Our newest releases game releases have been:
* I got to run this adventure in a 3-4 hour time slot at the Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous earlier in the month. The heroes were successful but we almost ended in a TPK.

I just received and paid for my first project from Nikolai Samarine. He sent me an inquiry, pitched some ideas, wrote his book, and got paid for it. It usually isn't much harder than that.